Welcome to Perkins Heritage Photo Archive

This photo archive represents a fraction of the 250,000 images taken, and kept, by the company, since Perkins began. 

The images have been selected by a small band of retired employees.  They portray the company, its people, its products, activities, interaction with the locality and impact across the world.  Hopefully they give a feel for the wonderful history and heritage of a company which has meant, and continues to mean, so much to people and organisations locally and across the world.

The dialog box on the right can be used to select image(s) within a desired topic.  The user can start at whichever box is desired, but it is recommended that you begin either at 'Image keyword' or 'Image category'.  Under 'Image keyword', the system will recognise any word which is either a designated keyword, or a word in the short description which may accompany each image.  Under 'Image category', possible sub-categories in the box immediately below are likely to prove useful.  An idea of the date the image was taken will also prove to be useful in tracking down images.  Don't forget to press 'Search' once you have made your selections, and to clear all the boxes before undertaking a new search.

The photo archive is one of a number of initiatives which are keeping Perkins Heritage alive.

The Perkins heritage exhibition, on display in the North Office, is available to current and retired employees.  The project, opened in June 2002 by then Perkins president Mike Baunton, illustrates to employees and visitors the company's fascinating past through memorabilia, video footage and a display of historical products.

"One of the key aims is to bring to life the company's roots, and the exhibition gives us a glimpse of the story of Perkins over the past 70 years, from its creation in 1932 up to the 1990's and the purchase of Perkins by Caterpillar, " said David Boulton, retired employee, member of the project, and author of the official history 'A Square Deal All Round ... The History of Perkins Engines 1932 to 2006'.  This was published in November 2007, to coincide with Perkins' 75th anniversary year. 

The enthusiasm of a group of retired and present employees, eager to preserve the company's history, under the chairmanship (until March 2009) of Mike Francis, is giving momentum to the whole project, and is bringing it alive.  Nigel Baseley has now taken over in the chair.

In April 2009, Perkins received an Engineering Heritage Award from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, in recognition of the design (by Charles Chapman) and production of the Wolf engine.  Current Perkins president Gwenne Henricks accepted the award of a commemorative plaque, in the Heritage Centre, where the plaque will be displayed.

Perkins has seen many changes and developments over the years, but the history can live on through the Heritage project - giving the future generations a chance to see, and learn from, the past.